Coach Shalynne is not only a coach, but a teacher, motivator, leader and support system all in one. All the power and energy she has is transferred to you allowing you to be transformed into the person you want to be.
— U. Allen

"Working with Coach Shalynne has been wonderful!! Her dedication to her client’s success is truly motivational. She goes the extra mile to help with your goals and never judges when you back slide a little. I couldn’t go through this journey without her!"

— C. Conerly

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"I started to notice a friend from church losing weight and talking with Coach Shalynne! I immediately was drawn into the conversation because I was desperate to lose weight and be healthy. I have always had a weight problem so I've tried many different things. I started the program at beginning of July and I have lost 55lbs. Woohoo! Coach Shalynne was with me the whole way encouraging me, supporting me in whatever way possible. Coach Shalynne was very accessible whether it was text, Facebook, phone call or in person. Coach Shalynne has helped me achieve my fitness goals."

— R. Anna


"I couldn't believe how much came in the (5-Day Detox) program. I thought it was just 5 days of recipes. I was so wrong! The handbooks, meal plans, and the live coaching and 24-7 support from Health Coach Shalynne was so wonderful. Plus, there were other bonuses too. I definitely got my money's worth."

— T. Pitts

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"When Coach Shalynne told me about her 5-Day Detox, I said, "I want to do that!" And, I'm so glad I did. I loved the recipes and I will be using them time and time again."

—M. Scott

“I have been following the principles in your book (“Take Me Off the Weight List”) and I have lost 18lbs so far! Thank you!”
— M. Wira
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Health Coach Shalynne recently presented her "Healthy at Work" program onsite at Redondo Transportation.

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"Thank you so much for your time and advice today. (M)y people definitely appreciated all your knowledge."

— Cesar Redondo Eishlev


"I learned a lot about nutrition and food preparation under Coach Shalynne. She is very helpful and encouraging!"

—M. Bibou


"I loved the recipes and I loved the way it took away all that bloated feeling that I had. Plus, the (5-Day) detox reduced my sugar cravings."

— S. Hwozdik

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Last summer I decided I needed to start getting healthy and change my eating habits…once again! At 45 years old that isn’t easy to do. So, I was so blessed when Shalynne reached out to me and offered to help me not only reach my goals but come up with a plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since then I have lost 25 pounds, am feeling better than I have in years, and am well on my way to achieving the goals that I had set for myself.

I have known Shalynne for over a decade and that is one of the things I love most about her—she reaches out and gives 100% of herself to those who need help getting over and identifying the hurdles that are blocking them from attaining the fullness of life they are pursuing.

By personally living out a healthy lifestyle daily before you by posting exercise, diet, and motivational videos, Shalynne blazes a trail that anyone can follow if they’re willing to. I personally love that she focuses not only on taking care of your body by eating right and exercising but she also feeds your mind and spirit with encouraging words and truth.

Thank you Shalynne for all that you’ve done and are doing to help me become a healthier me!

-E. Curiak


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