Renee S.

“Before working with Shalynne I struggled with exercising consistently, I couldn’t come up with a good way to add in more vegetables throughout the day and I suffered from low energy. Shalynne helped me with creating an exercise plan that was doable and easy to follow. She also suggested that that I add in more green smoothies which was so simple to make. Combining both of these helped to raise my energy level. Now as a results of Shalynne’s coaching I am a more energetic Grandma which is very important to me. My stamina on my vacations has been great. Now I can kayak and canoe with my husband! Thank you Shalynne for being my coach!!

Margo E.

“Words cannot express how happy I am to be working with Shalynne. I had a goal of cycling a 100-mile ride and I knew I needed to be doing more to increase my stamina for the ride. I needed some coaching and I didn’t know where to turn. I also knew that I was overeating but that came from not know what to eat. And, I looking at everything, I really just wanted to live an overall, healthier life style. Then, I hired Shalynne as my Lifestyle Transformation and Weight Loss Coach. Through her coaching, I began to lose weight through her meal planning service and her mindset work. I am now encouraged to stay motivated and I love how she helps me to stay accountable; I needed that! I have increased stamina to keep exercising and I know that I am going to power through my 100-mile ride that is coming up soon."

Emily C.


Gwen M.


Nicole S.

“…I personally love that Shalynne focuses not only on taking care of your body by eating right and exercising but she also feeds your mind and spirit with encouraging words and truth.

Thank you Shalynne for all that you’ve done and are doing to help me become a healthier me!”

My journey actually began in December, right at the Christmas holiday season, so I made that an excuse not to follow my eating plan provided by Shalynne, so I actually gained weight instead of losing!  However, at the beginning of the New Year, I made up my mind that I wanted to get a fresh start and start investing in myself and my health. I began coaching with Shalynne and following the Shed 10 program and I began losing weight. I also put in more time exercising.  By the time I finished the Shred 10 (through Juice Plus+), I lost about four pounds. That was enough to get me excited! I continued following the eating plan and started doing EatLove.  I enjoyed the recipes from EatLove and I began losing even more weight, and was not just losing weight but I was feeling great and began receiving compliments! I am even making healthy choices when I go out to dinner, and I am choosing to eat healthy snacks in between meals. I continue to be on my journey and I plan to not just make it a temporary change, but I plan to make it a life change. Many thanks to my family for their support, and thanks to Shalynne for all of your coaching and support and for getting me on the right track to a healthy life!

“Before working with Shalynne, I was a yo-yo dieter, I did not work out often and I felt like I could not stay focused. Once Shalynne started coaching me, she helped me put a consisted schedule in place and my eating is now healthier. Best of my energy has increased and I can do a whole 30-minute workout routine, I’ve lost weight and I am more consistent than I’ve ever been. My whole mindset has shifted. Shalynne is a great coach!