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6:30 PM18:30

FREE EVENT! Health & Wholeness Workshop

Have you been seeing diminishing results from your workout efforts? Have you been suffering from delayed muscle pain and fatigue? Wouldn’t it be nice to start losing weight again in a healthy and natural way and keep it off? Just imagine the smile on your face when you reach your goals and have a balanced state of being with a healthy immune system as well.

The Health and Wholeness Workshop will address all these topics and more so that you can start living a higher quality of life and work towards your fitness goals.

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Book Signing for Shalynne Barr
7:00 PM19:00

Book Signing for Shalynne Barr

What a wonderful night we will have together as we celebrate the book signing of “Take Me Off the Weight List”. This book has been a 12 year labor of love in the making and it is now complete and will be in your hands, signed by the author, Shalynne Barr.

The success stories have begun to pour in as readers are finding simple-to-follow concepts that are changing their lives for the better. Will you be next?

From learning how to meal plan, to acknowledging how to silence cravings, to a workbook format that allows for the writing of affirmations, to scriptures that are creating peace and guidelines…there is something for everyone that is on the road to good health!

See you on Friday, June 22, 2018! Going to be a fun night!

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