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14 Day Salad Challenge

It's Time to Eat a Salad!

Salads are sold in fast-food restaurants, the grocery store, fine restaurants and health food stores but there is nothing like making a fresh, healthy salad in the comfort of your own home. We are talking about the kind of salad that you can take pride in saying, "I made this salad!"

Take Pride

With the 14-Day Salad Challenge we will help you feel pride in taking care of yourself and feeding yourself delicious, nutritious salads that will give your body the nutrition that it needs.

In this challenge you are not paying for the 21 salad recipes that have been compiled for your convenience. You are paying for the support that we are going to help you achieve in setting a goal and achieving it. Because here at Health Coach Shalynne, LLC, we believe in you.

Health Coach Shalynne, LLC exists to coach adults on how to establish healthy eating habits and create consistent exercise practices which will lead to weight loss, more energy and vitality to successfully perform their activities of daily living.

It is through our healthy challenges such as our 14-Day Salad Challenge that our mission can be fulfilled.

Rules to the 14-Day Salad Challenge:

  1. Purchase the guide to the 14-Day Challenge with Health Coach Shalynne, LLC
  2. Eat at least one salad every day as a meal. You could have your salad for lunch or dinner.
  3. Complete the challenge in 14 consecutive days. (C’mon you can do it! It’s only 14 days!)
  4. Post a public picture of your salad everyday on Facebook tagging @healthcoachshalynne along with what number salad it is. (i.e. Hey @healthcoachshalynne this is salad #4)
  5. On your Day 14, Health Coach Shalynne will tag you and publicly shout-out your completion of the 14-Day Salad Challenge!


14-Day Meal Planner!

This helpful resource can be used beyond the 14-Day Salad Challenge as well!

Are you ready for the challenge?? Get started today! We are ready to support you from Day 1 to Day 14. Get ready. Get set. GO!!

Disclaimer: The information provided is not a substitute for medical care or advice. Information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor about making diet and lifestyle changes that are right for you.

Health Coach Shalynne, LLC cannot be held liable for your consumption of these recipes and/or any allergic reactions or illnesses that you might have. Please only consume foods that are safe and beneficial to your health per your own knowledge of your health.