Three-week Crush Your Cravings Coaching Series!

Three-week Crush Your Cravings Coaching Series!

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In each Coaching Session, we will endeavor to create new eating patterns and behaviors to help you live life with energy and vitality. We will also seek to uncover the hidden causes of your sugar cravings, that are sabotaging your ability to lose weight. Throughout our lessons you’ll get a crystal clear vision for how dietary changes can help you release excess weight.

I'm Ready to Crush My Cravings!

It's Time to Crush Your Cravings!!

In my exclusive three-week 1:1 Coaching Series we will address the following topics:

  • Creating Mindsets and Habits for Powerful Results (19 page Manual)
  • Food and Habits to Boost Energy (11 page Manual)
  • Understanding Cravings (11 page Manual)

Each topic includes a 45-minute video conference call, a booklet to guide us through each session, action steps to help you master the topic and apply it to your life.

Bonuses: A FREE Meal Planning Template PLUS 25% off the 3-Month Meal Planning Service