Three-week Crush Your Cravings Coaching Series!

Three-week Crush Your Cravings Coaching Series!


In each Coaching Session, we will endeavor to create new eating patterns and mind association with food. These sessions will help you reduce your cravings for breads, desserts, potato chips pastas, pop, coffee and any other food that has control over you versus you having control over it . We will also seek to uncover the hidden emotional triggers that are sabotaging your ability to lose weight. Throughout your lessons you’ll get a crystal clear vision for how dietary changes can help you to release the excess weight that you have been desiring to lose.

I'm Ready to Crush My Cravings!

It's Time to Crush Your Cravings!!

In this exclusive three-week 1:1 Coaching Series the following topics will be addressed:

  • Creating Mindsets and Habits for Powerful Results (19 page Manual)

  • Food and Habits to Boost Energy (11 page Manual)

  • Understanding Cravings (11 page Manual)

This coaching series is for you if:

  1. Food is your "go to" when you are having emotional problems

  2. No matter if you day is good OR bad you use food to celebrate or to comfort you

  3. You cannot control your portion sizes and you need a cookie in each hand

  4. A sweet treat after dinner and before going to bed is as normal as brushing your teeth every day

  5. You have multiple sizes of clothes in your closet for "just in case"

  6. You know you need to make changes but don't know where to start

If you answered "yes" to any of these scenarios then this coaching series is especially designed for you!

Each topic includes a 45-minute video conference call, a booklet to guide you through each session, action steps to help you master the topic and apply it to your life. Plus, unlimited text and email support for 3-weeks.

Bonuses: This course includes a FREE Meal Planning Template!