Exercise for Life

Exercise for Life


We all know that exercising is something that you “should” do. But why? If you have been looking for the answer to this question you will find it and more in “Exercise for Life.” In just 19 pages you will be fully informed as to how to get started with exercising and how to continue it throughout your whole life and enjoy it!

“Exercise for Life” is a wonderful e-book that you can download and read on your phone, computer or tablet.

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Have you been told that you "should" exercise? Are thinking about getting started with exercising and you don't know where to start? Have you been scouring the Internet only to find conflicting information as to what types of exercises are beneficial? Are you bored with your current exercise program and what more?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then "Exercise for Life" is the perfect e-book for you. In just 19 pages, you will receive all the information that you need for your journey  so that you can live life with energy and vitality.

Topics include:

  1. Why Exercising is a Good Thing 
  2. The Principles of Exercise 
  3. Finding the Right Fitness Routine 
  4. Plan Your Goals
  5. Motivation 
  6. Time Management 
  7. Working Out When Time is Tight
  8. Don’t Make These Fitness Mistakes 
  9. Setting Unrealistic Goals 
  10. Doing Too Much Too Soon 
  11. Poor Nutrition 
  12. More than Just Cardio 
  13. Don’t Become Obsessed with the Scale 
  14. How to Fit in Exercise Time
  15. Best Exercises for Women
  16. Cardio Workouts
  17. Choosing a Sports Bra 
  18. Getting Your Family Moving 
  19. Using a Pedometer to Exercise 
  20. How to Use Your Pedometer Effectively
  21. Exercising with Health Issues 
  22. Exercise Tips: 
  23. Modifying Your Workout Routine 
  24. Types of Exercises
  25. Should You Use a Personal Trainer?

"Exercise for Life" is the perfect e-book to give you the answers you have been looking for and more!