"Clean Eating for People on the Go"

"Clean Eating for People on the Go"


Are you in a hurry like everyone else in the world but you long to eat healthy, clean food? Do you just seem like you never have time to cook because all your recipes are complicated? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then you are in the right place!

“Clean Eating for People on the Go” is the perfect recipe booklet for you. Health Coach Shalynne knows what it’s like to not have a lot of time to cook meals, so all the recipes in “Clean Eating for People on the Go” can be made in a quick amount of time without sacrificing the flavor or the textures that you love so much.

The best part about this recipe booklet is that it is an e-book. So you can easily access it from your computer, tablet or cell phone when you are in the store and ready to shop!

I want to eat clean!

Recipes Included:

Supercharged iced tea 

Snacks & Treats:

  • Blueberry crunch 
  • Berry sandwich bars 
  • Protein heaven bars 
  • Protein gelatin 
  • Strawberry protein balls 


Aromatic cauliflower rice 


  • Crunchy protein quinoa 
  • Thai coconut bake  
  • Bacon, veggies n’ eggs 
  • Avocado baked eggs  


  • B.C.T.A.
  • Lentil, sweet potato & cilantro stew
  • Coconut stew
  • Dill & caper salmon burgers
  • Protein stir fry 


  • Sensational stew
  • Chicken, rice & pepper pot 
  • Thai hot pie  
  • Spicy salmon parcels  
  • Fragrant spiced chicken 
  • Mediterranean meatloaf